Non Exclusive License Agreement Template

11.1 This agreement is interpreted and governed by county laws. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the [county] courts. (b) LICENSEE pays HARVARD, on each licence report, the amount of the licence fee due for that half. If several technologies are covered by the license covered below, LICENSEE must indicate the BREVET RIGHTS AND THE BIOSEED MATERIALS USED FOR EVERY LICENCE AND LICENCE 18.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and replaces all prior written or written agreements, commitments or agreements. In addition, this agreement can only be amended, amended or amended by a written agreement signed by both parties. 8.1 HARVARD DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE BREVET RIGHT OF BREVET RIGHTS under licence and gives no assurance as to the extent of the patent rights granted or whether these patent rights or biological materials can be exploited by LICENSEE or an AFFILIATE without infringing other patents. LICENSEE seeks a non-exclusive license in the territory to use biological materials and to practice the aforementioned invention, which falls under PATENT RIGHTS in the United States [and in some countries], and to manufacture, use and sell patent-based products on the commercial market. HARVARD wishes to grant license to LICENSEE under the terms of this agreement. 2.6 HARVARD wishes to grant such a licence to LICENSEE in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for the Use of [description of what is conceded]. (a) “Statement of Policy in Regard to Inventions, Patents and Copyrights,” August 10, 1998, Public Law 96-517, Public Law 98-620 and HARVARD`s obligations under agreements with other sponsors of research. Any law that is greater than the law authorized by public law 96-517 or by public law 98-620 is subject to an amendment to the extent necessary to comply with the provisions of these statutes. A non-exclusive commercial license under PATENT RIGHTS and a non-exclusive Commericial license for the use of biological materials for the manufacture, use and use, sale and sale of the products granted and the exercise of the processes granted during the duration of the patent rights. These licences do not include the right to issue sublicensings.

3.2 The issuance and exercise of this licence is subject to the following conditions: 13.2 The licence fee and all other amounts that the licensee must pay to the licensee under this agreement are subject to all foreign and domestic taxes which, if applicable, are charged to the taker and paid by the taker within 30 days of that invoice.

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