What Is A Child Support Stipulation Agreement

Custody of children may also be ordered as part of a case submitted by the local children`s aid organization (LCSA), which provides parenting services and the implementation and enforcement of child welfare orders. Both parents can ask the judge to apply for family allowances in one of these cases: Parent/Party Receiving Support (PRS) or Parent Paying Support (PPS) may request that the current assistance order be verified for a possible change to change the amount of assistance to be paid or to provide health insurance for children. The applicant should complete and return a tax and expense return accompanied by its written application. It`s important! The local Children`s Aid Association (LCSA) does not represent parents or children. The lawyers of the LCSA are not your lawyers. You are not a legal client and the information you give to the LCSA is not confidential. CCAA lawyers may share certain information about your case with other agencies, the other parent or the other parent`s employer or lawyer. The law stipulates that the LCSA will make the final decision on the application of child assistance, even if the parents of the freedom recipients do not agree. Parents have the right to counsel at any time by a private lawyer or legal aid group. And they can ask the family rights officer for information. To estimate the support the judge can command in your case, go to California Guideline Child Support Calculator. To understand how to fill in the information in the Child Support Calculator, download the user`s manual. 4.

Sign your stipulation (agreement) Each parent must sign the stipation (form FL-350). If you sign, you agree that you understand and sign it voluntarily and that you are not pressured or forced to accept. Be sure to add the child assistance calculation that indicates what is the reference value for child care, even if you accept a different amount. If the local children`s aid association (LCSA) is involved in your case, either because they opened the case or because one of the parents asked them to commit, they must sign this provision. If 1 of you need public support (such as TANF), the LCSA must accept the level of child care. You can get help from the ASA, even if you don`t receive public assistance. Learn more about child care and find your local child care agency. For more information, see Parent Guide to Separation and Divorce – Child Support, which explains parents` responsibility for child care.

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