Guatemala Is Getting Ready To Sign A Safe-Third Agreement

So, Kevin, if you look at what`s been going on lately, it was really great. If the Democrats signed something, it would be much easier. But we have to do it around the Democrats, because they refuse to close the border. They want open borders. It means smugglers, it means kidnapper, it`s drugs, it`s crime. Honestly, it`s a disgrace. WASHINGTON – President Trump has praised Mexico`s efforts to intercept Central American asylum seekers and said Guatemala is preparing to sign an agreement that would make it a definitive haven for people fleeing poverty and violence in the region. The agreement is still not reached, according to two of the sources who described things as close, but still in the river. Trump himself has repeatedly promised that a deal is about to be reached. At this point, there are even more questions than answers about what the agreement with Guatemala will mean in practice. It will take a lot more before it comes into force and the conditions are not yet final. The draft agreement does not provide much clarity on how it will be implemented – another person with knowledge of the agreement said, “It looks like he was dismissed by an intern” – but it does offer an exception for Guatemalan migrants, which could be the reason why the government of Jimmy Morales, an ally of the United States, , seems ready to sign up. Guatemala is currently in the middle of presidential elections; Next month, the country will hold a second round of voting between two candidates and the current front-runner has opposed such a deal.

However, the Morales government still has six months in place. Morales, whose own family has been investigated for transplants and financial irregularities, is being dismantled by Morales, whose own family has been investigated for transplants and financial irregularities. Signing an immigration agreement “would give good graces to the Guatemalan government in the United States,” Stephen McFarland, a former U.S. ambassador to Guatemala, told me. “The question is, what would they use this status for?” Earlier this week, after Morales announced he would meet with Mr. Trump on Monday in Washington, three former Guatemalan foreign ministers filed a petition with the country`s Constitutional Court to prevent him from signing the agreement. This, they said, “would allow the current President of the Republic to leave the future of our country without any responsibility.” The Chairman: Very soon. I mean, we have quick chords.

International NGOs are also concerned about the agreement, as they work to strengthen Guatemalan governance, civil society and community relations. Degenhart added that Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua already had a pact that allowed free movement beyond their borders. Countries are discussing how to ensure that the agreement is used for its original purposes, he said. And it`s always good for Mexico, because they kill – they get rid of the cartels that everyone knows they`ve run a big part of Mexico – and the coyotes and all those horrible people. Mexico has done a great job for its people. The president has done a great job for his people. And President Morales did a great job with that, because he now has a friend in the United States instead of an enemy of the United States. This agreement will almost certainly also face legal challenges in the United States and some legislators, including democratic representatives.

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