India-Pakistan Bilateral Visa Agreement 2012

A Pakistani citizen can only benefit from the visa twice a year on arrival and visas are non-renewable and non-convertible. Seniors can only enter and exit on foot through Wagah. The agreement was signed by Foreign Minister S.M Krishna and Interior Minister Rehman Malik following the engagement at foreign ministerial level at the end of the second cycle of the dialogue process that has resumed. The new visa regime – the first major revision since 1974 – particularly eases travel restrictions for businessmen and introduces a new category of group tourism. In addition, people over the age of 65 get a visa on arrival. I read the Times of India report on easing visa restrictions, I went to the comments and there were many, many negative comments from Indians about the Pakistanis they called terrorists. I don`t agree at all, I want more civilian Pakistanis to visit India to understand that we can be friends Hindus and Sikhs are not Pakistan`s enemy. I want the Indians to understand that the Pakistanis themselves have been victims of terrorism. On Saturday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who supports the visa changes, made it clear that security remains a major concern.

According to Indian media, he said there had been increasing attempts by militants to infiltrate the de facto border that Kashmir shares. Like the visa agreement, decisions on loC travel are aimed at ensuring that people remain at the heart of bilateral relations, said the joint statement issued after the meeting. India and Pakistan should improve their relations in the best interest of their nations, and a more lenient visa policy, India and Pakistan can become natural friends due to the large number of Muslims living in India. Pakistan and India should recognize each other`s status Before the establishment of a new liberalized visa agreement between India and Pakistan, Home Minister Rahman Malik today called it a positive development. Visa at the entrance of the elders is the best point of this agreement. At least that is what should have been done 50 years ago. Two generations left with an unfulified dream of visiting the country of their birth! For these categories, applicants should apply to the Indian High Commission and apply for a regular visa. Visa regime: Pakistan, India decide on 8 categories of visas The agreement was signed by S. . .

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