Wedding Planner Independent Contractor Agreement

What is the most cost-effective way to get a professional wedding planning contract for your wedding planning business? Whether you`re just starting to plan your weddings or have been in business for years, a full professional contract is the most important thing to start, grow and protect your wedding planning business. 4.4. After receiving the booking fee and signing the contract, the wedding planner reserves the agreed date and makes no reservations with another customer for the same date. For this reason, the booking fees paid are not refundable, even if the date or wedding is cancelled for any reason, including, but not limited, God`s actions, fire, strike and/or extreme weather. If the wedding date is changed, the booking fee and all payments made will be taken into account for the final service fee, in accordance with the availability of the wedding planner. Why you need an independent contractor contract – NOTE: All lenders must be approved in advance by us and the venue of the event. This generally means that suppliers are licensed, insured and have a verifiable and positive public performance record in the wedding industry. 1.1. Clients – as wedding planners – charge the events agency Events by Irene e.U.

to provide the event planning service package agreed for the agreed fee. The wedding planner begins to honour the contractual obligations listed after the signing of the contract and after receiving the booking fee on his account and will end on the day of the wedding or the day of the last wedding ceremony whose coordination was entrusted to the wedding planner at the end of the event. Our agreement (in this agreement) is between BOLD Impact Events – Wedding Planners (here in the “Adviser”) 9194 Patina Drive, Boynton Beach, FL, 34772 and customers. 9.3. By entering into an agreement with the wedding planner, Clients agree to post their photos and videos on the wedding planner`s websites and on websites, social media and vendor blogs, on third-party blogs, in newspapers, magazines and television channels, for advertising purposes, as well as to answer questions for wedding purposes and to give their opinion on the performance of their wedding and wedding planners when contacted by wedding publications or other potential clients. 9.4. If customers do not consent to a full version of the model, they can choose from the following options: 14. Clients provide the advisor with copies of all contact information, suggestions, notes, retouching and contracts/agreements with all leased suppliers in a timely manner (within 48 hours of the BOLD Impact Events – Wedding Planners shutdown) and under no circumstances less than four (4) weeks before the wedding/event date.

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